Procedure description

Project leader IHU Lyric

IHU Lyric at University Bordeaux, France,  will set up case-studies for in-silico simulation of catheterisation and pacing devices, as a potential support to the development or certification of such devices.

These use cases will cover the catheter navigation, the pacing performance and the mechanical fatigue. It will leverage a physical simulator using 3D printing and soft robotics as well as experimental data acquisition, and associated computer simulations in order to help the design and validation of such devices.

These objectives will be supported by clinical images, industrial descriptions of devices, a physical phantom mannequin and ex-vivo experimental setups for acquisition of validation datasets.

SOFA Heart and Catheter @Inria

Course of action

  1. Validation with computational models of the navigation properties of (ultra-thin) catheters.
  2. Evaluation of the pacing properties of such stimulating electrodes, and provide computational tools to help the design of cardiac pacing devices and protocols.
  3. Simulation of the mechanical interactions between implanted pacing devices and cardiac tissue, including prediction of perforation and rupture by mechanical fatigue.