Dissemination & exploitation

PROJECT LEADER Virtual Physiological Human institute for Integrative biomedical reseach VZW (VPHi)

We will carry out specific dissemination, communication, and stakeholder outreach activities to promote  results and maximise the impact of SimCardioTest.  Targeted tasks will aim to foster dialogue with stakeholders and international counterparts. In addition,  scientific information will be published in peer-reviewed journals with an emphasis on open access. Reports on the advances of the project (deliverables) will be accessible on the website. Finally the exploitation of SimCardioTest results will be ensured.

Open source software are used in SimCardioTest.



A dedicated task led by VPHi is foreseen to ensure a proper level of dissemination for all publishable information stemming from the Project.

  1. Promoting and raising awareness of SimCardioTest to targeted audiences;
  2. Disseminating the results of SimCardioTest to the technical and policy communities;
  3. Transferring knowledge, towards a new generation of engineers;
  4. Supporting international collaboration with the US counterparts, New Zealand, etc.
  5. Engaging in a two-way dialogue with targeted stakeholders and end-users (R&D community, standardisation working groups/regulators,medical doctor associations and patient representation).


VPHi will facilitate the positioning of the project outcomes for future market replication, commercial exploitation and training through different approaches:

  1.  Drafting exploitation strategy and business models for early and easy market uptake;
  2.  Collecting and systemising knowledge to allow increased compatibility of existing systems; ensuring interfaces; systematically driving standardisation approach;
  3. Mapping and analysis of business opportunities related to  project products in targeted markets (selected EU countries and US);
  4.  Encouraging new approaches developed by the consortium to relevant stakeholders to promote new technical solutions within their own / their client’s activities and/or infrastructures.


Targeted audiences in the dissemination activities

@Inria / Asclepios

User-side industries

The Stakeholders Group will access some of the results generated in SimCardioTest. Industry with an interest in in-silico testing will be invited to join the SG, in order to express its end-user views and requirements. Presentations will be made in conferences also of the user medical device and pharmacological sectors. French, Spanish, Norwegian, Belgian, Italian and American partners will promote the project results through their national networks.

Computational Modelling community

traditional communication towards the computational modelling R&D community will be complemented by increasing the visibility of SimCardioTest solutions in European and international institutions / fora. National R&D platforms, etc. will be approached (e.g. Virtual Physiological Human conference).

European and national policy-makers

Policy-makers involved in healthcare, industry and innovation policy, will be approached with the key messages on the potential benefits of in-silico testing: safety, sustainable growth of European industry and the economic and employment associated, minimising the environmental impact of medical devices and medicines development and related industrial processes.
Interactions with the EMA will be assured through the participation of Flora  Musuamba-Tshinanu (EMA) to the Advisory Board. A direct link with national regulatory authorities will be envisaged by bilateral national actions (via partners).

American regulators

Interactions with the FDA will be assured through direct participation of Richard Gray (FDA) to the Advisory Board.

Students and civil society

Training schemes related to the SimCardioTest will be widely promoted in particular via social media.