Procedure description

Project leader Simula Research laboratory AS (SRL)

A cloud-based in-silico clinical trial interface will be developed that will serve as the interconnection layer between the models & data, in order to perform the test cases. The creation of this unified web platform will facilitate the orchestration of the in-silico trials. The model standardisation interoperability will create a framework where not only a specific use case will be tested, but also more generic and standardised elements can be used for other applications.

This unified web platform will also allow the possibility of testing the effects of the combination of drugs and devices on patient outcome. Three use cases will be explored to perform in-silico testing and exploit the big data generated by the simulations.

Next, these standards will be implemented in different pipelines and three different simulators will be created that can work together, operate with standardised inputs/outputs, and assist in device design. Finally, the unified SimCardioTest platform will be implemented in the cloud for the main work of “in-silico testing”.

Virtual Human @InSilicoTrials

Course of action

  1. Creation of a conceptual approach to the standardised approach to in-silico testing.
  2.  Creation of three different simulators for the use cases.
  3. Development of a standardised description of the in-silico models, the customization from clinical data and the simulation results to unify the different types of biophysical simulation.
  4. Implementation of the three different industrial use cases in a cloud platform based on this standardisation, to perform in-silico trials.