What can computer simulation contribute to the development of new medical devices or drugs?

Join us and participate to interactive sessions on cardiac in silico trials on 30 & 31 May 2024 at PariSanté Campus: embrace the SimCardioTest in silico trials platform

Medical device companies:

  • reduce time and costs for the development of medical devices (LAAO, pacing leads)
  • establish collaborations to enrich platform’s features and assess a new medical device design across populations
  • Get safer medical devices into the hands of patients faster.
  • reduce, refine, and partially replace (pre-)clinical testing

Pharma companies:

  • assess the cardiac toxicity of your drugs
  • establish collaborations to enrich platform’s features and assess new drugs across populations
  • safer drugs reach patients faster
  • reduce, refine, and partially replace (pre-)clinical testing


  • ascertain  the most suitable treatment for your patients
  • identify the risks of cardiotoxic consequences for a specific patient
  • find the appropriate medical device design for your patients
  • start collaboration to enrich platform’s features and assess new drugs across populations

The event welcomes the participation of notified bodies, offering them a unique opportunity to engage with the latest advancements in cardiac in silico trials, which become increasingly important  for shaping future regulatory frameworks and healthcare innovations.

REGISTRATION : Registration mandatory, no fees but limited access. First arrived, first served!




Join us for an immersive experience in cardiac insilico trials

The upcoming events promise an immersive experience, unveiling the cutting-edge in-silico platform developed within the SimCardioTest project. Participants will discover the platform’s advanced features created to help industry in the medical product development.  

We are thrilled to present not only the scientific underpinnings but also the user experience of our innovative platform. 

Furthermore, we are eager to engage with clinicians and industry stakeholders, collecting valuable feedback that will provide us with crucial insights.

This interactive session aims to foster a deeper understanding of the three new products integrated into the platform, allowing us to refine and optimize their functionalities based on the real-world perspectives of industry experts. The workshop promises to be a collaborative and enlightening experience, marking a significant step forward in the evolution of our insilico trials solution.

30th May afternoon at PariSanté Campus
 The augmented platform for in silico trials for medical devices
at 13:00: Registration and welcome coffee
14h00-15h00: scientific background for the models developed for medical devices, namely pacing leads for bradycardia, and LAAO for atrial fibrillation
15h00-16h00: platform demonstration for these computational models
16h00-17h00: feedback and insights on the functionalities of the platform
31st May morning at Parisanté campus
The augmented platform for in silico trials for testing safety & efficacy of medication
at 8h30:  registration and welcome coffee

9h30-10h00: scientific background in cardiac safety & efficacy of drugs

10h00-11h00: platform demonstration for the computational model

11h00-12h00: feedback and insights on the functionalities of the platform


SimCardioTest is a project being funded by the European Commission to develop a standardized and secure cloud-based platform where in silico trials run seamlessly.

The novel platform presents an insilico testing environment validated and positioned beyond the state-of-the-art in computational tissue models developed by the academic partners participating in the project.


The cloud-based platform integrates computational models for three different applications: 

  1. Cardiac pacing devices
  2. Left atrial appendage occluders
  3. Electrophysiological & electromechanical safety and efficacy of drugs

Simulations can be setup and run on the cloud by setting input parameters and viewing the results on the platform interfaces.


Want to know more ? visit this website or  watch our videos

The augmented platform for in-silico trials in cardiac diseases

SimCardioTest is challenging today’s huge burden of cardiovascular diseases on the population worldwide with in-silico testing. It has the potential to transform the existing paradigm of pre-market clinical trials, while reducing their costs and accelerating the availability of medical drugs/devices. Among other benefits, this testing platform shall demonstrate the possibility to perform experiments in controlled conditions and cohorts, repeat experiments as often as needed and test therapies for patient-specific pathologies.

A platform for testing new product designs

 The platform will allow to verify and validate new designs of pacing leads/devices as well as new designs of left Atrial Appendage Occluders (LAAO) and their interaction with the heart in terms of efficacy and safety. The computational models have been thoroughly verified and validated, and are therefore trustworthy.

A Cloud-based platform as a vector to promote disruptive technology

The platform will offer an interface for health researchers and professionals to run simulations. This will be an opportunity to discover an innovative approach to personalised pharmaco-kinetics meta-modelling, and potentially use it for other diseases