SimCardioTest takes the mature field of cardiac simulations and brings it further through a web-based platform to perform standardised in-silico trials for testing the efficacy and safety of drugs and devices in 3 concrete use cases. The verification and uncertainty quant-ification, to abide by the standards, will allow to quantify discretisation error (in time and space), numerical solver error. Uncertainty in model predictions will be compared to actual measurement. And to extend the verification, validation will be implemented according to the ASME V&V 40 standards including risk eval-uation as well as certification support for in-silico trials.

To further discuss verification & validation processes for in-silico models,   SimCardioTest organised a workshop on 8 February 2022 with the other EU funded projects: SimInSitu, SIMCor, InSilicoWorld & EU-stands4PM.


Hundred of participants attended the workshop to listen: